Can someone suggest more musicals for me to get obsessed with please? I need more in my life.


One of the thrift shops near me has had a big box of Mork & Mindy cards and whenever I’ve had some extra money I’ve gone and bought a couple packs. I went today and they were gone and the people told me someone bought the entire box yesterday. I’m feeling both anger because I was gonna do that soon, but I’m also insanely curious because I want to find this person and have long discussions about the awesomeness that is this show.

On the plus side I found an adorable Annie doll and she came with an extra dress and she’s mine now.



The episode of Mork’s Mixed Emotions has to be one of the cutest episodes I’ve seen of any show ever. Like when Mork’s emotions each give Mindy a seperate kiss.. It kills me every time my heart can’t take it


Bill Fucking Murray 


Bill Fucking Murray 



*studies for 2 minutes*



When you hear a stranger say something about your obscure fandom



There is beauty in your magic. But also great danger. You must learn to control it. Fear will be your enemy.

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My phone has completey become Mork & Mindy.






postin’ a fanfic and then waiting for the notes like

postin’ some art and then waiting for the notes like

posting a post to send you questions and waiting for them like:


it looks like the last gif is…frozen



I am a Princess


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